An Immersive Twin of a Chemistry Lab in Virtual Reality: How to Design and Use VR in the Classroom

Thursday, June 09 | 10:30AM–11:15AM PT | Indigo CG, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Cnam succeeded in transforming 95% of its planned face-to-face courses into distance learning. But among the remaining 5%, it was impossible to carry out the practical sessions of experimental sciences remotely. Designing immersive twins in virtual reality was a solution to this problem. In this session, the presenters will tackle the subjects of immersive twins, strategies to design VR modules for learning, and classroom uses of VR modules.


  • Christian Cousquer

    ICT Specialist; XR Specialist, Accessibility Speci, CSIESR
  • Thierry Koscielniak

    CSIESR Board - Chief Digital Officer at Le Cnam, CSIESR

Resources & Downloads

  • An Immersive Twin of a Chemistry Lab in Virtual Reality

    Updated on 6/3/2022