Educational Transformation and Restoration Powered by Virtual Reality - Sponsored by 42 Lines

Friday, June 10 | 11:00AM–12:00PM PT | Indigo DH, 2nd Floor
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: General Session

Restoring joy to all stakeholders involved in the education space is paramount to the success of schools. More than at any other time, students depend on us to lead them toward a brighter future, one in which the world's complexities are easier to understand. How can we as educators uphold that vow to educate a nation if we have hit a wall? If our educational methodology is stagnant, can we truly ignite a spark in our youth to be lifelong learners? Education is more than the rigor of the lesson, classroom management, and endless hours of grading papers or tests. Education is about learning, discovery, and feeding one's curiosity with rich and engaging information. How can that be done in today's time, when there are so many competing distractions vying for the attention of our students? Virtual reality (VR) is a tool that completely immerses students in the learning experiences they embark on without distractions. This leads to more fulfillment in the student but also in the instructor. Incorporating multiple pedagogies while using VR is also possible and allows for the differentiation of instruction. Morehouse in the Metaverse, the first Metaversity globally, has shown that student satisfaction increased during VR classes but also that grades increased. There are 450 Meta Quest 2 headsets circulating the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where students engage in the academic and social sides of campus life. The Metaversity model for transforming higher education can be polished and packaged for every level of education. To thrive in the era of Web3, we must prepare our future generations now. Create the joy for learning that your students seek. Be a transformational educator, and enter the Metaverse with your students. You will not regret it! Learn how to restore joy to the entire educational system, for it is something we must all do together. It's transformation and restoration time. Step outside the box and into the Metaverse. 

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  • Muhsinah Morris

    Assistant Professor of Education, Morehouse College