Digital versus Brick-and-Mortar Balancing Game: Horizon Report Exemplar Stories

Friday, June 10 | 8:30AM–9:15AM PT | Indigo DH, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Featured Session
Delivery Format: Featured Session

The EDUCAUSE Horizon Report continues to identify and describe higher education trends, technologies, and practices that are likely to impact teaching and learning, and the EDUCAUSE Showcase Series provides resources and tools to help guide campuses forward on their most urgent issues. What happens when they meet? Expanding on the April Showcase Series installment, The Digital versus Brick-and-Mortar Balancing Game, panelists from institutions with exemplar projects highlighted in this year’s Horizon Report will discuss innovative implementations of technology as they navigate the issues of culture, faculty development, and classroom design that come with a hybrid future.


  • Dan Pell

    Sr. Teaching, Learning and Technology Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kathe Pelletier

    Director, Teaching and Learning Program, EDUCAUSE
  • Karen Skibba

    Distinguished Teaching & Learning Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Melissa Vito

    Vice Provost of Academic Innovation, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Sophie White

    Showcase Program Manager, EDUCAUSE

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    Updated on 6/17/2022