Wired for Connection: Promoting Our Collective Well-Being and Success - Sponsored by Cambridge University Press

Thursday, June 09 | 8:15AM–9:30AM PT | Indigo DH, 2nd Floor
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: General Session

As social beings, we have a deep and fundamental need to be part of the group. When we feel like we belong, we are willing and able to cognitively engage, take intellectual risks, and learn more deeply and effectively. We’ll explore how promoting connections and belonging, with and among our students, fosters increased academic achievement, engagement, and persistence, all of which lead to better and more equitable learning outcomes in all class modalities. As we identify evidence-based practical strategies to promote student and faculty well-being and success, we’ll discover how these approaches support our own well-being and success, too.

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  • Flower Darby

    Associate Director, Teaching for Learning Center, University of Missouri