Let Me Practice, and Give Me Feedback: Immersive and Soft Skills Development through VR Experiences

Thursday, June 08 | 4:00PM–5:00PM PT | Pacific Ballroom B, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation/Panel Presentation

The University of St. Thomas is leveraging virtual reality (VR) and related immersive learning technologies to assist undergraduate and graduate students in developing career-oriented communication and presentation skills and interpersonal competencies. The university was recently awarded a grant supported by Meta and Bodyswaps that will improve career readiness for more than 300 students in a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses by cultivating communication skills in authentic VR environments that are discipline- and/or industry-specific. Students practice and hone skills in realistic, but low-risk, situations by receiving personalized AI-generated feedback integrated in the Bodyswaps software. The presenters will contextualize this specific project by outlining their strategies for building overall campus awareness about the benefits of 3D immersive learning environments and will provide practical advice related to the instructional services needed to support these new immersive learning technologies.


  • Lisa Burke

    Director of STELAR (St. Thomas E-learning and Research), University of St. Thomas
  • Jonathan Keiser

    AVP of Academic Technology and Innovation, University of St. Thomas
  • Eric Tornoe

    Associate Director of Research Computing and Emerging Technology, University of St. Thomas

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