Walking the Walk: Modeling Tech-Forward, Culturally Responsive Practices in Faculty Training

Thursday, June 08 | 4:00PM–5:00PM PT | Pacific Ballroom D, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Featured Session
Delivery Format: Featured Session

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) faculty professional development often employs practices that contradict the very approaches we ask faculty to implement. We commonly see inaccessible materials with no attribution, no alignment to learning outcomes or clear structure, instructor-centered teaching with little active learning, and minimal or inexpert use of teaching technologies. How can institutions ask faculty to implement culturally responsive teaching practices if they aren’t modeled in trainings? These contradictions between message and delivery reinforce common beliefs that culturally responsive teaching practices are “too hard,” “ineffective,” or “lacking rigor.” By offering cross-campus faculty learning communities (FLCs) modeling technology-supported, evidence-based practices, Minnesota State inspires faculty to employ teaching innovations that might otherwise seem daunting or labor-intensive. Positioning the instructor as student, these FLCs demonstrate how culturally responsive teaching, enhanced by informed technology use, facilitates better learning experiences for all students. Recently made available as an OER in the Pressbooks platform, this FLC uses a framework of relationships, relevance, and rigor to inform its design. Data-based evaluation guides a continual improvement process that ensures these FLCs achieve their ultimate goal: creating equitable student outcomes in Minnesota State learning environments.


  • Ed Minnema

    Equity Coach, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  • Melissa Williams

    Instructional Designer, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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