Tuesday, August 20 | 2:00PM–3:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development

ELI Short Course: Digging into Badges

Digital badges are receiving a growing amount of attention and are beginning to disrupt the norms of what it means to earn credit or be credentialed. Badges allow the sharing of evidence of skills and knowledge acquired through a wide range of life activity, at a granular level, and at a pace that keeps up with individuals who are always learning—even outside the classroom. As such, entities not traditionally in the degree-granting realm—such as museums, associations, online communities, and even individual experts—are now issuing “credit” for achievement they can uniquely recognize. At the same time, higher education institutions are rethinking the type and size of activities worthy of official recognition. From massive open online courses (MOOCs), service learning, faculty development, and campus events to new ways of structuring academic programs and courses or acknowledging the granular or discrete skills that these programs explore, there's much for colleges and universities to consider in the wide open frontier called badging.


  • Jonathan Finkelstein

    CEO, Credly, LLC
  • Christopher Lott

  • Susan Manning

  • Beth Nettles

    Manager, Learning Content Development, University of Central Florida
  • Kelvin Thompson

    Vice Provost for Online Strategy and Teaching Innovation, University of Louisville