Thursday, March 26 | 2:00PM–3:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development

ELI Course | A Comprehensive Approach to Faculty Development Evaluation

Faculty development is a valuable asset to any institution. Great time and energy is spent designing and delivering a variety of educational initiatives aimed at supporting excellence in teaching and learning. Unfortunately, minimal time is spent gathering evidence of the effectiveness of these initiatives. This is not because faculty developers are disinterested. The problem lies in overcoming barriers such as resource capacity, program structuring, and lack of evaluation know-how. This course introduced participants to a 4-phase comprehensive evaluation approach aimed at overcoming these barriers. Upon completion of the course, participants now have working knowledge of how to increase capacity to conduct quality evaluation, conceptualize their programming, and design and implement a customized comprehensive evaluation plan for their institutional setting. NOTE: Participants will be asked to complete assignments in between the course segments that support the learning objectives stated below and will receive feedback and constructive critique from course facilitators on how to improve and shape their work.

Learning Objectives

The purpose of the event was to introduce participants to a comprehensive approach for evaluating their faculty development initiatives. Participants

  • Learned about a 4-phase comprehensive approach to faculty development evaluation
  • Reviewed their current capacity for conducting quality evaluation practices
  • Began conceptualizing their faculty development programs
  • Learned the design basics for developing a comprehensive evaluation plan
  • Examined standard methods of evaluation and means for efficiency