Mobile Collaboration: Redefining the Classroom

Thursday, March 04 | 2:05PM–2:35PM
Session Type: Professional Development

When the first generation of mobile devices began to enter college classrooms, faculty saw them as a disruptive technology, and they were right. In the past two years mobile phones have emerged as a preferred platform, bringing communications, Internet, social networks, and gaming together into one device. Thus far, much academic exploration of mobile computing has focused on one-way channels, using devices to deliver university news and schedules along with academic documents and podcasts to students. Over the past year, a new generation of collaborative mobile tools like Google Wave and the iPhone 3GS have pressed us to look for two-way channels where students can contribute, collaborate, and create. Faculty at Abilene Christian University are now in the second year of the ACU Connected initiative, seeking to investigate the ways mobile devices can support more collaborative learning environments. Kyle Dickson and Bill Rankin will report on promising new directions and lessons learned in classes across the curriculum.


  • Kyle Dickson

    Learning Studio director, Abilene Christian University

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