Edupreneurship: Engaging Students in Mobile Learning

Tuesday, October 02 | 5:20PM–5:40PM
Session Type: Professional Development

The effectiveness of a mobile learning initiative is bound to improve when those who will use it have a direct influence on its design. This presentation will discuss how LectureTools ( arose from a mutual student and instructor need for tools that facilitated more opportunities for interaction in large lecture halls. Whereas the initial goal was to replace clickers with web-based tools, the suite of tools that resulted (integrated note-taking, draw-on slides, bookmarking, student questioning, instructor feedback) evolved organically from student and instructor users of the system. This talk will outline lessons learned about using web-based tools in large classes to improve student engagement and encourage others to promote "edupreneurship" on campus as a way to involve both students and instructors in creating effective learning environments.


  • Perry Samson

    Professor, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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