Learning Analytics: The LMS Perspective

Thursday, April 12 | 2:55PM–3:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development

With respect to learning analytics, the community is still working its way through some fundamental questions. Perhaps the most fundamental of all is how best to define or describe learning analytics, and what sets it apart from other varieties of analytics. Other key questions include: which data are the most important for learning analytics? What kinds of analysis of that data is most relevant and revealing for the student success that learning analytics is designed to promote? And what will learning analytics look like 2 or 3 years from now? This session will be an interview-style conversation that explores these key questions (as well as others) with panel of three experts, one a consultant and the other two from leading LMS vendors. Participants will 1) understand what is unique about the role and function of learning analytics; 2) have more complete understanding of the data and analysis that is characteristic of learning analytics; and 3) know what the likely major developments will be in this field.


  • Alfred Essa

  • Don Norris

    President, Strategic Initiatives, Inc

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