ELI Online Focus Session

New Directions in Instructional Design: Keeping Pace in a Time of Rapid Change

April 19 & 20, 2017 | Noon–3:30 p.m. (ET)

Join us for this focus session, where we’ll explore these and other current issues in instructional design, collectively seeking ways to best support our institutions.

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Instructional design has emerged as the key resource for fueling change and innovation in teaching and learning. This new importance brings with it significant challenges, as instructional design must keep pace with—if not remain a step or two ahead of—the new directions and opportunities to support learners:

  • What new organizational models and practices do instructional design teams need to adopt?
  • How can instructional designers best make use of the increasing amount of learning data that is available?
  • What kinds of evidence-based practices make the most sense for instructional designers?
  • What are some professional development approaches that provide structure for instructional designers to share their mutual areas of expertise, while focusing on key areas of professional growth?

Is This Event for You?

This online event will bring together a variety of teaching and learning professionals to explore successful models for leadership in teaching and learning. The session will be valuable for:

  • Learning technologists and instructional designers
  • Campus teaching and learning center directors and staff
  • Faculty members and instructors
  • Senior teaching and learning administrators (e.g., deans, provost office staff)
  • Librarians

You will receive the greatest value from this online session if you attend as a member of a team or host a group event on your campus. Team participation can help your institution advance a current or upcoming project or encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. Team members also find active discussion and engagement with each other during focus session activities builds rapport, solidifies plans, and enriches collaboration. By sharing a common focus session experience, participants can reflect on the implications for their institution.

How You Will Prepare

Please review the resources and guided activities provided to help you frame discussions locally and organize team participation around the focus session. We recommend teams consider the ways they can interact both inside the online learning environment and as a team with colleagues at their institution.

Focus Session Components

  • Presentation Sessions: Sessions designed to provide an overview of specific topic areas and successful emerging approaches related to the focus session theme immediately followed by opportunities to interact one-on-one with session presenters.
  • Project Rounds: A series of institutional cases/examples presented in a sequential, fast-paced format exploring a single project, emerging technology, or campus initiative. Project rounds will be followed by an opportunity for separate discussion with each of the presenters.
  • Activities/Discussions: Discussions will focus on the session theme and associated challenges and opportunities. Groups, both virtual and local, may use this time to further probe session topics through guided discussion and collaborative activities, conducted with an institutional group or individuals in virtual rooms.

Registration Open

Register by April 19, 2017.

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Focus Session Format

The focus session features live web-based presentations, participant discussions, and activities supporting the theme: "New Directions in Instructional Design: Keeping Pace in a Time of Rapid Change."

During this interactive event, you may submit questions and engage with colleagues and presenters using chat and live polls, all of which are designed to support active engagement with other participants and with focus session content.

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Through engaged and verified participation in the focus session program, you are eligible to earn a digital badge that recognizes your professional development accomplishment.

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Contact Information

For registration and other questions about this event, please contact the EDUCAUSE Membership Team:

For questions regarding technical requirements or if you experience any technical issues, please e-mail onlineconf@educause.edu.

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