Community Discussion

Thursday, April 20 | 2:50PM–3:20PM
Session Type: Virtual
Join instructional design experts/leaders, Melody Buckner and Adrienne Gauthier as they explore ways for instructional design professionals to stay current on emerging developments in the field. They’ll explore these and other questions from the audience: What does “change” look like in the instructional design process? How do instructional designers bridge the divide from “production” to “leadership” --leading innovation, institutional change, advocating for innovation and creativity, institutional transformation. If you, as an instructional designer or leader of design teams, had total freedom to experiment, what would you read, what experiments would you do, what kind of people would you want to talk to; what articles or blog posts would you write; what events would you attend? Tell us what you’d like to discuss at


  • Melody Buckner

    Associate Vice Provost of Digital Learning, The University of Arizona
  • Adrienne Gauthier

    Learning Designer, Dartmouth College