Opening Keynote: From Augmented to Virtual Learning: Affordances of Different Mixes of Reality for Learning

Tuesday, May 22 | 12:15PM–12:40PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
We have been working on mixed realities in education for over a decade and have started to learn about where, when, and for whom they can add value. Part of this understanding stems from differentiating the wide variety of mixed realities and focusing on affordances. Landscape-based augmented realities, popularized by Pokémon GO, have fundamentally different affordances from smartphone-based virtual realities like Google Cardboard, which in turn are different than immersive experiences delivered by headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. In this talk, I will draw on our work in location-based AR games and VR to define the domains and principles that map onto the technologies.

Outcomes: Differentiate VR/AR/mixed realities * Define principles for using AR in learning * Define principles for using VR in learning


  • Eric Klopfer

    Professor, MIT

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