Tuesday, October 04 | 1:00PM–2:00PM ET

Tomorrow's University Students: Technology Trends Among Teens

Today's teens are taking charge of their media environment. Millions of kids already produce their own Web sites; millions more are multitasking and deciding when to pay attention to TV—and when not to. Their expectations reflect the digital surroundings in which they've grown up, and they will take those expectations with them to college.

Traditional teaching doesn't mesh well with their perspectives on the role and use of technology. This session will use the results from the industry's most detailed surveys of kids' technology to explore the implications of this disconnect, as well as the new environment for teaching and learning it represents.

Learn more about:
* How kids are taking control of the technology they use
* Teens' use of technology for schoolwork
* Kids' attitudes about learning and technology
* Media multitaskers' use of television, Internet, and radio

Findings will be drawn from Grunwald Associates' surveys of kids, parents, and media, as well educational decision makers.


  • Peter Grunwald

    President, Grunwald Associates