Evidence-Based Teaching: The Next Generation

Monday, August 04 | 2:00PM–3:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Join Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, and Veronica Diaz, ELI associate director, as they moderate this webinar with Scott Freeman and Michelle Smith. The presenters recently published a meta-analysis of 225 papers that compared student performance under active learning versus lecturing in undergraduate courses across the STEM disciplines. The results indicate that on average, students are 1.5 times more likely to fail when being lectured as compared to taking the same course with an active learning component, and that active learning increases exam scores by almost half a standard deviation. We will review these and other data from this study, then introduce key questions for what we call the "second generation" of discipline-based education research. We will also lead discussions on clicker abuse, faculty development, and the role of IT in supporting evidence-based instruction at the college level.


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