EDUCAUSE Faculty Application

The EDUCAUSE Institutes are supported and facilitated by leaders in the higher education community from a variety of areas including information technology, security, teaching and learning, and others. These leaders and experts serve as instructors, role models, and mentors to Institute participants.

Benefits of Being a Faculty Member

Serving as a faculty member has many benefits to you and your career. Our faculty tell us regularly that they learn and grow by being faculty members and that it's a highlight in their careers!

Benefits include:

  • Earning an honoraria to compensate your time and effort
  • Giving back to the higher education community and helping others grow in their careers
  • Networking with other faculty, colleagues, and EDUCAUSE staff
  • Staying up to date on key topics in management, leadership, and higher education
  • Expanding your skill set to include teaching in a face-to-face or online environment, with pedagogical support and onboarding from EDUCAUSE (see more information on the required online faculty orientation in the role details below)
  • Earning a microcredential to showcase your service 


EDUCAUSE Involvement: Require at least 2 of these options (* designates preferred involvement)

  • Served as a proposal reviewer or on a program committee for an EDUCAUSE conference or meeting.
  • Participated in an EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee, Community Group and/or Working Group.
  • *Served as a mentor for an EDUCAUSE Institute.
  • *Participated in one or more EDUCAUSE Institute.
  • *Taught in or facilitated one or more EDUCAUSE Institute.
  • *Presented at an EDUCAUSE event, institute, online or in-person.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Knowledge of management and leadership issues in higher education and the overall landscape of higher education.
  • Professional experience in, and ability to facilitate learning in at least 3 institute competency areas.
  • Experience teaching or facilitating in an online or hyflex learning environment.
  • Ability to serve for up to 3 consecutive program offerings.

Faculty Orientation

Faculty selected to teach an EDUCAUSE Institute will be asked to complete an online faculty orientation. The orientation is asynchronous and will require approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Successful participation in the orientation will provide participants with an understanding of how to effectively teach an institute, and how to utilize appropriate technologies to support an engaging adult learning experience. More information will be provided as applicants progress through the process.


Preparing for and delivering an institute requires active participation in meetings, individually and with other faculty and as a team. During the institute, faculty are expected to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per week (synchronous and asynchronous) to perform the following tasks in support of participants and established institute competency(s). Institutes have a structured sequence and pace and faculty will need to regularly check in with participants, support them, and provide feedback on deliverables throughout.

Learning/Content Support

  • Foster discussions between learners that focus on critical concepts, principles, competencies, and on-the-job application.
  • Ensure key takeaways associated with each competency are understood.
  • Review submitted assignments and deliverables and provide constructive feedback to individuals and project groups within 3-5 business days of assignment submissions.
  • Participate in live institute webinars.
  • Serve as a mentor or coach, if available.

Administrative Support (with support from EDUCAUSE)

  • Respond to emails within 2 business days and, if necessary, forward to EDUCAUSE staff.
  • Check that assignments have been completed and contact students who are falling behind or stop engaging with the program
  • Attend weekly coordination meetings during the institute and four pre-planning sessions before the institute begins.

Stipends vary by institute and delivery mode and will be articulated in the faculty contract.


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