Friday, April 30 | 2:00PM–3:00PM ET | Online

Member QuickTalk | Online Proctoring: Where Might We Go from Here?

As higher education moved to remote instruction in 2020, the use of proctoring technologies has increased, but so too have questions about its use. Join your colleagues and industry partners as we frame these issues with a balanced perspective and collectively identify where we can go from here. We will deep dive into three topics:

  • Privacy and student advocacy: What are the underlying issues that drive questions about online proctoring? What are proctoring companies doing to reasonably protect students’ privacy? What are student’s reasonable expectations of privacy and who should be standing up for these rights?
  • Accessibility: Online proctoring tools are efficient, but accessibility in its broadest sense can be an issue. Assistive tools may not work. Internet connections may be unstable. AI-based facial recognition may not work for all students. And being recorded may create anxiety. What are the challenges, how are proctoring companies addressing them, and how can campuses navigate accessibility issues?
  • Assessment strategies and appropriate use of proctoring: Online proctoring solutions seem to be a great match for high stakes assessments and have a strong (and comfortable) parallel to traditional in-class exams. At the same time, an increased demand for online proctoring has inspired broad conversation about assessment and the appropriate circumstances to use proctoring.

This QuickTalk is intended to address proctoring from both institution and industry lenses. We invite all EDUCAUSE members to contribute to the conversation, whether you work on a campus or as a service provider.

QuickTalk Moderators

  • Allan Gyorke

    Chief Academic Technology Officer, University of Miami
  • Deborah Keyek-Franssen

    AVP and Dean of Online and Continuing Education, University of Utah
  • Kathe Pelletier

    Director, Teaching and Learning Program, EDUCAUSE
  • David Thomas

    Executive Director for Online Programs, University of Denver

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