Industry and Campus Presentations

If you purchased a presentation opportunity at this year's event, please review the following to best prepare. Everyone who secured a presentation was sent a communication connecting them with our speaker liaison, Sarah Reynolds. Please continue to work with Sarah on development of and any questions you may have regarding your session. Sessions will run concurrently Wednesday, May 4 from 3:15–4:00 p.m.

What is an Industry and Campus Presentation?

Industry and Campus Presentations are 45-minute presentations that must be educational in nature and conducted in partnership with at least one presenter from a higher education institution or a non-sales subject matter expert. If interested, you may have a small, diverse panel-type session with up to four presenters max.

Conference Theme and Program Tracks

This year's conference theme is, "The Future is Ours to Shape: Developing Staff and Operations for Tomorrow's Cybersecurity and Privacy."

Program Tracks

Program sessions will focus on five key topic areas and should be considered in the context of building, operating, and staffing information security, cybersecurity, and privacy functions.

Awareness, training, education, and communications are key components of successful information security and privacy programs. How do we build, staff, and operate (replicable) cybersecurity and privacy awareness programs that help educate faculty, staff, and students?

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) issues around information security and privacy are on the increase in higher education information technology. This track will provide examples for the leadership, organization, and operation of an institution's GRC programs now and in the future.

Today's information security and privacy workforce requires continuous learning and professional development at all levels. This track allows you to share ideas and best practices for shaping and developing the next generation of our workforce, as well as sustaining, training, and creating leadership opportunities for current employees.

What best practices shape your privacy and cybersecurity operations? This track allows you to share what you are doing to prevent, detect, assess, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats, privacy violations, and incidents. Share the strategies for information security and privacy controls and safeguards that are being implemented at your institution to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of institutional data.

Coordination, cooperation, and capability building are silo-busting tactics that can align cybersecurity and privacy operations with campus partners and leadership. This track showcases examples of silo-busting across our campuses—where collaboration and communication have been keys to successful cybersecurity and privacy programs and can be again.

Presenter Resources

For additional information about your role as a presenter, how to promote your session, and answers to other frequently asked questions, stay tuned for the Presenter Resources page on the conference site.

Quick Tip: Be sure to provide your Twitter handle and other social media channels in your presentation materials, so attendees can connect with you after the event. Check your channels periodically to help answer questions and participate in discussions.