Gaining Trust through Data-Driven Decisions

Tuesday, March 06 | 12:30PM–2:00PM ET | Orlando Ballroom M-N, Convention Level
Session Type: General Session
Information from analytics is critical for driving improvements in institutional operations. This section of the summit includes presentations from three institutions that have increased their operational success through the use of analytics:

● "Gaining Trust through Data-Driven Decisions," University of Maryland, Baltimore

● "The Evolution of Information and Insights," Valdosta State University

● "Improving the Commute," Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

(OPERATIONAL SUCCESS) Gaining Trust through Data-Driven Decisions:
We used analytics to develop and communicate a realistic plan to address the campus's deferred maintenance backlog. Given a significant backlog of deferred maintenance and the need for a new method of prioritization, UMB created a process to quantify capital renewal and deferred maintenance requirements, values, and time of replacement for over $500 million in projects. Implementing the plan and sharing custom analytics has resulted in transparency and credibility campus-wide.


  • Denise Meyer

    Associate Director, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Nicole Miskimon

    Associate Director, Facilities Management, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Dawn Rhodes

    CBFO & VP for Administration and Finance, University of Maryland, Baltimore

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