The Evolution of Information and Insights

Tuesday, March 06 | 12:30PM–2:00PM ET | Orlando Ballroom M-N, Convention Level
Session Type: General Session
Information from analytics is critical for driving improvements in institutional operations. This section of the summit includes presentations from three institutions that have increased their operational success through the use of analytics:

● "Gaining Trust through Data-Driven Decisions," University of Maryland, Baltimore

● "The Evolution of Information and Insights," Valdosta State University

● "Improving the Commute," Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

(OPERATIONAL SUCCESS) The Evolution of Information and Insights:
The use of data continues to be a major topic in higher education, with terms such as business intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence discussed at most major events. With so many ideas, it can be difficult to understand how they can play a major role in the success of an institution, yet each contributes to efficiencies and innovations with operational strategies. This session will take a look at those strategies and how Valdosta State University leverages analytics for data-informed decision making.


  • Brian Haugabrook

    Specialist Leader, Deloitte

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