Using Data to Promote Student Success and Departmental Accountability

Tuesday, March 06 | 3:30PM–5:00PM ET | Orlando Ballroom M-N, Convention Level
Session Type: General Session
Higher education is turning to analytics to drive decision making around student success initiatives. This section of the summit will include presentations from three institutions that have used analytics in support of student success:

● "The Role of Business Intelligence and Data Science in Student Success," Western Governors University

● "Using Data to Promote Student Success and Departmental Accountability," University of South Dakota

● "Leveraging Software for Predictive Analytics," San Jacinto College

(STUDENT SUCCESS) Using Data to Promote Student Success and Departmental Accountability:
Over the past two years, the University of South Dakota has initiated a process designed to improve student success through increased efficiency and resource allocation. Our focus has been on providing departments and administrators with the tools for a culture change that emphasizes departmental responsibility for student success. Our intent was to use analytics to better allocate resources in the university and connect the information directly to departmental goals and the university strategic plan, in the process shifting the role of department chairs from viewing themselves as "faculty" to "administrators" integral to university and not just departmental success.


  • Matt Heard

    Sr. Budget and Financial Services Specialist, The University of South Dakota
  • Jim Moran

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