Friday, June 18 | 10:00AM–11:00AM ET | Online

Member QuickTalk | Data Classification, Governance, and Security - Building the Foundation for a Successful Data Analytics Program

The road to a robust data analytics program is long and winding…

Along the way, you must take care that you are bringing all of the data that you will need in the end, and that their integrity and security are ensured, so that analyses and subsequent data-informed decisions can be trusted. In this QuickTalk, we will describe how and why to classify your data, how to determine who is responsible for data integrity (hint: it's not IT), and how data classification drives security controls. Panelists will share how these ideas are implemented with the goal of enabling robust interrogation of institutional data by leadership.

QuickTalk Moderators

  • Dave Baird

    VP/CIO, Wesleyan University
  • Joe Bazeley

    Chief Information Security Officer, Wesleyan University
  • Thomas Bunton

    Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
  • Chris Gill

    Chief Information Technology Officer, Drake University
  • Leah Lang

    Director of Analytics Services, EDUCAUSE
  • Steve Machuga

    Director, Administrative Systems, Wesleyan University

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