Tuesday, August 24 | 1:00PM–2:00PM ET | Online

Member QuickTalk | IR & IT Partnerships: A Collaboration for Success

Historically, Institutional Research offices (IR) have been an Institution’s primary resource for questions about their data. Colleges and universities rely on the expertise of IR staff and their ability to collect, combine, analyze, and present data to inform critical decisions made by senior leaders. In the past decade or so, the desire to combine and interrogate data from different areas of an institution has grown steadily. Presidents and provosts want to use data from many sources across campus to drive strategic planning and student success initiatives. The movement of data between these various sources and into a common data analytics platform requires the help of Information Technology (IT). Now, with the rising importance of data being readily available for informed decisions, an IR and IT partnership can greatly improve your efforts to build a strong decision support system. Join panelists for a conversation about how to foster robust collaborations, avoid the pitfalls and optimize data analytics at your institution.

QuickTalk Moderators

  • Dave Baird

    VP/CIO, Wesleyan University
  • Leah Lang

    Director of Analytics Services, EDUCAUSE
  • Steve Machuga

    Director, Administrative Systems, Wesleyan University
  • Marie Tuscano

    Assistant Director of Institutional Research, The College of New Jersey

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