The Technology and Pedagogy of Group Work: Strategies for Success

Tuesday, March 22 | 3:00PM–3:50PM | Room 555
Session Type: Professional Development
Successful group assignments have commonalities: providing appropriate support, asking the right learning questions, and choosing optimum technologies. Whether in an online, blended, or face-to-face setting, faculty want students to collaborate, which immediately raises instructional design questions. Should students assess each other? What will be assessed, the process and/or the product? What is the faculty role? How will faculty handle groups that aren't "working well"? Based on the answer to these questions, presenters from Brown and Dartmouth will share evidence-based strategies and technologies that have been successful in a variety of group work case studies. Participants will brainstorm a group work activity for their end users.

Outcomes: Learn about evidence-based practices and the social pedagogy that foster meaningful learning experiences * Discuss the advantages and challenges of different technologies for working collaboratively * Brainstorm opportunities for creating and supporting group work tasks in your sector


  • Erin DeSilva

    Senior Director, Learning Design and Innovation, Dartmouth College
  • Rebecca Taub

    Instructional Designer, Brown University

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