Collaborating to Make Digital Learning Materials with Faculty, Graduate Students, and a Digital Team

Wednesday, March 29 | 1:30PM–2:10PM | Ballroom DE
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Common refrain: "That digital project was a lot of work and took many people. And we think it was worth it!" As the digital learning design team undertakes more production of digital learning materials for Harvard Kennedy School, we've shaped new models of collaboration with faculty and graduate students who bring content knowledge and a learner's perspective to the digital learning production effort. We'll share perspectives on optimizing the delivery of digital modules through Canvas as well as methods for production and for measuring impact on students.

Outcomes: Compare your own production methods and resources with the demonstrated model and discover new ideas to adopt * Consider how to leverage student content authoring and student perspectives in collaborative development of digital learning materials and to navigate student involvement for success * Critique the model and share best approaches and practices


  • Maria Flanagan

    Associate Director for Digital Learning, SLATE, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University
  • Mae Klinger

    Digital Learning Designer, Kennedy School, Harvard University