Critiquing Born-Digital and Born-Digitally-Accessible Apps for Executive Function in Higher Ed

Wednesday, March 29 | 1:30PM–2:10PM | Ballroom DE
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
The purpose of this session is to present a new opportunity in usability testing for born-digital and born-digitally-accessible apps as assistive technology resources for postsecondary students diagnosed with learning disabilities. In collaboration with the accessibility office, we designed an innovative app experience as participatory learning sessions, with students and support staff from the access office and the library. We included apps designed featuring primarily executive functioning skills. Additionally a university research rubric was designed to document apps used and recommended. This pilot leverages interdepartmental technology innovatively by promoting equal app access among students and facilitating usability and accessibility.

Outcomes: Examine the level of accessibility in born-digital and born-digitally-accessible apps * List executive functioning skill sets for a series of 20 apps * Fill out a matrix designed for determining an apps accessibility


  • Robert Hoyt

    Web & User Experience Librarian, Fairfield University
  • Roxann Riskin

    Library -Technology Specialist-Supervisor, M.S.Ed, MCP, Fairfield University