Data Analytics Under the Hood: The Technical Infrastructure behind a Dashboard

Wednesday, March 29 | 8:15AM–9:05AM | Room 550
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Standard Presentation
Have you ever been curious about what's behind the analytics used for data-driven decision making? Have you heard the terms "star schema," "cube," and "tabular model" and wondered what the heck the data architects were talking about? This session will give you a glimpse at what's "under the hood" of a data analytics solution built using Microsoft business intelligence tools. We will focus on explaining several key behind-the-scenes BI technology concepts and terms and will include a demo of the "engine" internals of a cube and tabular model.

Outcomes: Learn about several underlying technologies used to support BI front-end analytical tools and dashboards * Identify the advantages of constructing technical models to facilitate ongoing analyses and data exploration


  • Rachael Coombes

    Business Intelligence Specialist, Wellesley College
  • Tony DiPesa

    Business Intelligence and Integration Architect, Wellesley College
  • Lisa Newman

    Manager, Business Intelligence, Wellesley College

Resources & Downloads

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