Implementation Success Story of a BI System: Heading Toward an Information-Driven Organization

Wednesday, March 29 | 3:10PM–4:00PM | Room 550
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Standard Presentation
The University of the West Indies is a regional higher education institution based in the Caribbean. In its strategic plan 2012–17, the UWI recognizes the importance of leveraging ICT to gain a competitive advantage, improve decision-making processes, and become an information-driven organization. This comes at a time when the organization faces increased competition, severe resource constraints, and economic and political pressures to perform. We will illustrate using an example from the UWI–St. Augustine campus how an organization can successfully implement a BI system in face of challenges inherent in business intelligence.

Outcomes: Understand and appreciate the challenges organizations face when implementing BI systems, how these can be addressed through the implementation of a proper BI strategy * Learn and apply basic tools and methodologies to create a sound BI strategy for your organization * Adopt and implement various standards that can be used to support BI operations within your organization


  • Ashish Bhatt

    IT Officer, The University of the West Indies

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