Simplify Your Endpoint Rollout Process for Students and Labs

Tuesday, March 28 | 4:30PM–5:20PM | Room 554
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Industry and Campus Solutions
Regardless of whether you use cloud desktops, on-site virtual desktops, or conventional PCs and laptops, there is always a device at the desk that needs to be periodically refreshed. Ingestion of hardware, storage, tracking, imaging, replacement, and disposal of old equipment can make this a logistical headache. What’s more, student laptop programs that provide equipment to students in the field add an entirely new set of challenges that must be overcome. We will focus on the National Elevator Industry Educational Program’s endeavor to select, image, and ship 5,600 laptop/tablet convertible devices to students nationwide. Topics will include equipment selection concerns, logistical management, audit requirements, and postdeployment support. Finally, we will wrap up with a discussion of methodologies for extrapolating what NEIEP learned to on-premises large-scale rollouts.

Consider options for simplifying the deployment endpoints for students or lab environments * Understand the differences, and similarities, between deploying devices to remote users and on-site rollouts * Analyze how equipment selection, logistics management, audit requirements, and ongoing support all play a role in any successful rollout


  • Todd Knapp

    CEO, Envision Technology Advisors
  • Debra Rosenau