3 Lessons from Servant Leadership

Tuesday, March 19 | 2:00PM–2:45PM ET | Room 552
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Leaders shape the culture around them through their actions, words, and decisions. As a servant leader, you strive to embody the qualities of a leader that people will follow voluntarily, whether or not you have a formal managerial position. Using a framework of servant leadership, which is the practice of leveraging a leadership role to help others be their best selves, this session will describe how leveraging influence instead of power, viewing your greatest resource—your people—holistically, and developing strong teams can improve both organizational culture and team performance.

Outcomes: Understand the importance and impact of servant leadership * Explore the practice of servant leadership * Identify actions that can be taken to successfully implement servant leadership


  • Donna Petherbridge

    Vice Provost, DELTA, North Carolina State University

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  • Three Lessons from Servant Leadership

    Updated on 11/26/2019