Vetting Before Getting: Procuring Accessible Information and Communication Technology

Tuesday, March 19 | 8:30AM–9:15AM ET | Room 554
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
As you prepare for this workshop, you may be asking, "What is an accessibility compliance review? How do we prioritize products and services? How do I validate products?" This workshop will cover how the University of Massachusetts is vetting products, software, websites, and more to ensure WCAG compliance. Topics will include implementation of formal procurement standards, prioritization of products, and example RFP and contract language (what to avoid/what to emphasize). Join us to learn about the accessibility testing process, as well as the responsibilities of both the vendor and the procuring institution in ensuring accessibility for all.

Outcomes: Discuss foundational laws and standards dictating the need for equal and equitable access to ICT * Practice and engage with basic testing principles to ensure vendor product accessibility * Explore the inclusion of accessibility (when, where, how, why) as part of the overall procurement process