Eating the Elephant: A Roadmap for Tackling Infosec at Smaller Schools

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Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On Demand
Information security is the elephant in the room. All schools must address it, but smaller schools run into challenges finding the resources to do so. This session will walk you through a roadmap that can be used to help order the "must do," the "should do," and the "maybe skip," as well as help you identify the partners you have on campus.

Outcomes: Build an achievable list of short- and long-term goals for a new/growing infosec program * Identify infosec elements that should be postponed until after a solid foundation is in place Learn about available no-cost resources and open-source tools that can be leveraged when building/improving an infosec program


  • Joe Bazeley

    Chief Information Security Officer, Wesleyan University