Please Show Your Work: Remote Proctoring in Online STEM Environments

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Session Type: Virtual
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WPI's math program has an unconventional requirement for online courses: how to give paper exams online where students "show their work." How can WPI grow online programs and ensure that the rigor and academic integrity matches on premises? We'll show how we researched, tested, and piloted remote proctoring solutions in a rigorous STEM curriculum.

Outcomes: Discover the challenges we faced when trying to support an online, assessment-based STEM curriculum * Learn about the hurdles we prepared faculty for as part of implementing a remote proctoring solution * Ascertain whether the online assessment model used in our summer undergrad math courses will succeed at your institution


  • Kate Beverage

    Director, Technology for Teaching & Learning, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Lindsey Van Gieson

    Instructional Technology Systems Manager, Worcester Polytechnic Institute