What Does the Data Say? Evidence-Based Analysis of Technology Services

Tuesday, June 23 | 12:45PM–1:15PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: Breakout Session
We may hear what is important to our customers when we see them at the help desk, but does the data support what we hear? What actually drives overall satisfaction with technology services? Come discuss insights gleaned from MISO Survey data gathered at more than 150 institutions since 2006.

Outcomes: Comprehend how quantitative measures can be used to inform decision-making for your organization * Explore how the MISO Survey's quantitative data analysis reveals the drivers of overall satisfaction with technology services * Identify valuable areas for assessment in your own organization


  • Dave Consiglio

    Director of Assessment & Learning Spaces / Director of MISO Survey, Bryn Mawr College
  • Ellen Yu

    Chief Information Officer, Union College