Back To the Future: How LTI Advantage Enables Boutique LMS Systems

Tuesday, March 15 | 4:00PM–4:45PM ET | Room 553
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: Presentation or Panel Session

This presentation shows how IMS LTI Advantage enables a multi-LMS approach and demonstrates how LMS's can talk to one another using LTI Advantage.

Switching to a new LMS takes several years at great cost, with great loss of data (no matter what the vendor promises) and leaves most faculty, students, and staff wondering if all the disruption was worth it. The IMS Learning Tools Interoperability standard, conceived in the early 2000s to let you add many popular tools to your LMS, has now progressed to the point where an expensive, highly scalable, deeply integrated  "enterprise LMS" can be augmented with a "boutique LMS" to support a variety of teaching needs just as easily as one might add a single LTI tool.  Instructors who innovate in their teaching, who must satisfy highly specific learning requirements, or who prioritize privacy of learner data can now choose an LMS that fits their unique requirements.  A boutique LMS can be engineered to integrate closely with the enterprise LMS, which will still store all grades and launch every course. 


  • Chuck Severance

    Sakai PMC Chair, Apereo Foundation
  • Josh Wilson

    Vice President & COO, LONGSIGHT

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  • Tuesday Back To the Future How LTI Advantage Enables Boutique LMS Systems

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