Metrics to Drive Change

Wednesday, March 16 | 3:25PM–3:45PM ET | Room 551
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Facilitated Discussion

Metrics go hand and hand with IT services. After all, computers love to crunch numbers, and we have a nearly endless supply of data to feed into algorithms. It has been said that what gets measured gets managed, but it is frustratingly difficult at times to figure out what is the right measurement or what value they have. This session will be an interactive conversation around metrics defining their utility to drive change and the problems that come from the wrong approaches. Metrics have been a key focus within the Enterprise Technology and Services organization that serves the schools of the University System of New Hampshire. The facilitator will have examples to share, both good and bad, along with gathering other feedback, input, and experiences from the entire group of participants.


  • David Blezard

    Senior Director, Enterprise IT Systems, University of New Hampshire