The History and Future of Bryn Mawr's Extracurricular Technology "Intensives" Program

Tuesday, March 15 | 2:25PM–2:45PM ET | Room 551
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation or Panel Session

Bryn Mawr College developed extracurricular workshops to build students’ technical and professional competencies and provide alumni networking opportunities. These “Intensives” originated as multi-day programs offered during breaks on topics such as Digital Storytelling, Project Management, Web Design, and Working with Data. Like Bryn Mawr’s academic curriculum, Intensives were in-person and included only students in residence over a break and not otherwise employed. They also required a significant commitment by staff and alumni. Due to COVID-19, the program evolved into remote learning experiences. In 2020–21, students participated in six two-week workshops, learning via self-study modules, collaborating on digital platforms, and reflecting on the process in online forums. The only synchronous elements were help sessions and alumni panels on Zoom. These changes benefitted everyone. Students participated regardless of location and commitments, staff time was more flexible, and alumni did not need to travel to campus. However, while registrations more than doubled, the completion rates were lower than in previous years. Our challenge this year is to keep the new inclusivity while integrating more synchronous meetings and group work to engage students. In the fall and winter breaks, we successfully piloted a hybrid model where students joined in-person or remote cohorts, and activities were designed for both groups. We plan to expand this format for future Intensives.


  • Christine Boyland

    Senior Educational Technology Specialist, Bryn Mawr College

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