Building a Cybersecurity Operations Center

Tuesday, April 21 | 2:00PM–3:30PM | International B (6th floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Three IT security offices (Virginia Tech, Penn State, and Purdue) are building a cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) that will be the focal point for each institution's campus-wide cybersecurity infrastructure. The CSOC aggregates data from IDS, IPS, security reviews, vulnerability scanners, and other tools stored in various databases. The CSOC allows incident response team members to pull up a host's "security history" in a timely manner. This information can be used in incident response, security metrics, and security reviews. The CSOC is not a physical security center with surveillance cameras; it deals only with cybersecurity issues. Each institution will provide an overview of its CSOC initiatives.


  • Greg Hedrick

    Chief Information Security Officer, Purdue University
  • Kathy Kimball

    Cybersecurity Audit Specialist, University of Virginia
  • Randy Marchany

    University IT Security Officer, Virginia Tech

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