PGP/GPG Key Signing Party and Thawte Certificate Web of Trust

Tuesday, April 21 | 7:30PM–8:00PM | Augusta Room (7th floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Do you have Facebook friends? Are you LinkedIn with your colleagues? When e-mail communications involve sensitive information that needs encryption, how do you make sure you're really communicating with that person? If you're a security professional, you've most likely been initiated into the world of encrypted e-mail communications using PGP or GPG. The opportunity to meet your colleagues in person at this conference is a great chance to verify you know them, creating a web of trust. If you have a PGP key, you can use it to sign your colleague's key, verifying that you know that person and that the key you've signed is valid, and vice versa. We will meet, share credentials (usually a government-issued ID), identify key signatures, and, if you have Thawte Personal Certificates, notarize them. So get your keys ready, prepare your Thawte Certificates, and join the key signing party. For more instructions on how to prepare, go to


  • Tom Siu

    Chief Information Security Officer, Michigan State University