Practical Experiences of a Chief Security Officer

Wednesday, April 22 | 12:00PM–1:00PM | Peachtree Ballroom D/E (8th floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
We have much to learn from the experiences of security experts from the private sector. Not only have they been building their corporate security programs for a longer period of time, but their proprietary environments and business models have forced them to leverage cybersecurity for competitive advantage. Many businesses also have research and development components that are not that dissimilar from a research university or the collaborative environments that are typical at most colleges or universities. This keynote will reflect on some of the lessons in business that are applicable to higher education, including consideration of issues related to the impact of the financial crisis, sustainability in IT, implications of openness, and the convergence between physical and logical security, among other topics.


  • Edward Amoroso

    SVP/Chief Security Officer, AT&T