Gaming the System: A Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise Simulation

Wednesday, May 16 | 5:00pm - 6:30pm | White River Ballroom C
Session Type: Professional Development
You've worked hard to develop a business continuity plan. Great, but will it work? Find out by testing it with a tabletop exercise (TTX). Although it's extremely useful, a TTX is also difficult to plan and therefore not used as frequently as it should be. In this session, we'll treat a TTX as a game that everyone gets to play. Attendees will play the roles of participants in a TTX based on an actual exercise used at the University of Pennsylvania. By participating in a "real" tabletop, attendees will leave with the tools needed to plan their own TTXs.


  • Christine Brisson

    Director, Information Security and Unix Systems, University of Pennsylvania

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