Building a Culture of IT Security Awareness

Wednesday, May 07 | 10:15AM–11:15AM | Grand Ballroom Salon B
Session Type: Professional Development

IT security is the responsibility of each member of the community. By leveraging existing university governance structures, collaborating with departments, and using a multitude of communication tools, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has developed a layered approach to IT security and created a culture of security, which has resulted in a better network and improved data security for the community. As an example, we ensure that Computrace is installed on university-owned computers (and provide it for students at a discount). This program garnered the 2010 EdTech Digest IT Security Office Recognition Award and, most recently, UNCW won the Center for Digital Government's Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Award in 2013.


Learn how to use governance and collaboration to build cross-campus IT security awareness * Learn how to establish programs and outreach such as certifications for system admins and new student, faculty, and employee training * Learn how to leverage and collaborate with other campus initiatives to thread in IT security


  • Leah Kraus

    Chief Information Officer, North Carolina Central University

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