A University Uses an Intelligent Approach against Malicious Threats

Tuesday, May 05 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Salon G, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Universities are among the most frequently cyberattacked institutions on the planet. Schools across North America are repositories of vast amounts of personal information, intellectual property, and a high-speed infrastructure that can be used to attack others. As such, they are under increasing pressure from domestic and international actors. To respond to these massive-scale threats, a new machine-powered approach that mimics the qualities of the body's autoimmune system is required. Learn how the University of New Brunswick is evolving its network security, malware, NAC systems, and security event intelligent monitoring systems toward such an approach.

OUTCOMES: Understand how discovery tools capture, correlate, and respond to evasive threats in real time * Develop security plans for an increasingly automated future * Learn to create partnerships, processes, and practices to improve security posture


  • David Shipley

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