Fun with Certificates: A Deep Dive into Cryptography for All Ages

Tuesday, May 05 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Salon E, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
It is critical to understand the technologies we use to protect data. When trying to convey the importance of digital encryption, questions may arise about how the technology works and why it is important. This presentation will explain symmetric and asymmetric cryptography in such a way that the nontechnical person can understand. Using hands-on, fun aids, we will run through an example of ROT13 and RSA encryption and talk about the issues of key management and different programs like GNUpg/PGP and OpenSSL. Using presentations of this type to spread security knowledge can ease the job of convincing people to use security technology.

OUTCOMES: Learn how RSA cryptography works using decoder rings and simple math * Explain and understand the complexities of certificate trust models using easy examples * Engage in discussion of how to apply this knowledge to real situations


  • Brian Epstein

    IT Manager, Network and Security and CISO, Institute for Advanced Study

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