How Institutions Like Princeton Calculate Security Risk with Self-Assessment and Data-Breach Analytics

Tuesday, May 05 | 4:15PM–5:15PM | Conrad C, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
It doesn't take college-level math to understand this simple formula: Unprotected Data + Vulnerable Systems = A Breach Waiting to Happen. Most universities understand this but struggle to prioritize their limited resources, focusing their discovery and remediation on core infrastructure while treating community self-assessments as an afterthought. The net outcome is a security policy that neglects those end users with the least security awareness. Leading institutions like Princeton are tackling this issue head-on. By deploying scanning solutions that work for end users as well as IT, they're proactively identifying more risks without requiring more resources.

Outcomes: Learn why most security awareness programs fail to eliminate the human threat * Understand why universities need to prioritize threats by financial risk * Discover how to use this method of data-breach analytics and do more with less spend


  • Billy Austin

    President, iScan Online