Identity Finder SDM: Policies beyond the Wizard

Tuesday, May 05 | 5:30PM–6:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Come learn how to get the absolute most out of using Identity Finder's Sensitive Data Manager policy settings for customizing the application behavior to meet your unique scanning needs. While you can get started quickly with the Policy Wizard, you'll find that its true power lies in the extensibility of using the advanced (and often times daunting) policy settings. We will examine multiple scanning methodologies and using policy to define, refine, and extend the scope of your DLP implementation to meet your organization's complex data environment. Been avoiding policy, or unsure how to attack the myriad options available to you? Look no further.

OUTCOMES: Understand the pros and cons of various scanning/policy models * Learn how to use policy to limit or extend scan scope and reduce false positives * Learn how to efficiently plan near- and long-term strategies for scanning


  • Kyle Crain

    Information Security Architect, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Mike Thompson

    Systems and Network Security Analyst, The Pennsylvania State University

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