Not Planning on Using Biometrics as Part of Your IAM and BYOD Strategies? Plan on Getting Breached

Tuesday, May 05 | 4:15PM–5:15PM | Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Salon G, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
As BYOD becomes more prevalent in our world, enrollment in online higher education programs is on the rise. Mobility requires device-based authentication and certainty that any device is held by an authorized user, or inevitably a breach of the university network will occur. Biometrics ensures the right user, but there are risks such as relative authentication strength of different biometrics and movements like FIDO to consider. A wide range of biometrics is available, but selecting options and comparing them can be difficult. This session will discuss real-world tests, the risks and benefits of architecting biometric storage, and best practices for implementation.

Outcomes: Understand the pitfalls, risks, and benefits of using biometrics * Understand the requirements needed to plan and architect device-based authentication * Get biometric data from the International Center for Biometric Research at Purdue