p0wnage and Detections: 2014 Edition

Wednesday, May 06 | 10:15AM–11:45AM | Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Salon G, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
For our third annual p0wnage and detections presentation, we will present an in-depth analysis of several security incidents from the past year, which showcase the intrusion detection and incident response techniques used at Berkeley Lab. We highlight how our security systems clearly flagged some compromises while examining the reasons that others were missed. As part of the examination of the trends for this year, we will discuss how our analysis of these incidents provides a basis for attack modeling and the design of new methods for security monitoring and response.

OUTCOMES: Get a good idea of the security threats facing an open research network * Understand how security systems fail to catch some attacks * See the tools and techniques needed to do incident response at high speeds


  • Jay Krous

    Cyber Security, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Vincent Stoffer

    Sr. Director, Product Management, Corelight Inc