Puzzle-Based Learning in Cybersecurity Education

Wednesday, May 06 | 10:15AM–11:45AM | Conrad C, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Puzzle-based learning provokes the thinking process of participants by challenging them. The interactive process allows participants to seek alternative solutions to handle security situations in cyberspace, which makes the learning process enjoyable. Different forms of puzzles exist for people to think creatively, expand their knowledge, and stimulate their cognitive ability. We have developed several security puzzle exercises based on some guiding principles in order to simulate interactive real-life cyberattack scenarios for training in different aspects of computing, networking, and information security. All puzzles align with emerging technology to provide up-to-date knowledge on cybersecurity issues.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to deal with cybersecurity incidents, even if you have not encountered one before * Understand different privacy issues when engaged in online social media * Learn best practices while surfing the web